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Nodum Global provides its clients with risk intelligence, informed guidance and strategic advice to support them in a number of areas including litigation, investigations, asset tracing and recovery efforts, compliance and security requirements.

Intelligence-led Investigations


We have proven expertise in designing and managing investigative solutions to discreetly solve complex problems, particularly where subjects of investigative interest have gone to considerable lengths to conceal or obfuscate their activities. The diversity of our professional experience enables our clients to benefit from sophisticated fact-finding techniques and analytical methodologies and we tailor our investigative approach to each client and their specific requirements.

Asset Tracing & Recovery


We have extensive experience executing complex global asset tracing and recovery investigations. Using our global network and leading-edge technologies, we identify and verify assets around the world (including property, land, aircraft, vehicles and vessels) and work with legal counsel to obtain and enforce judgements and awards.

Financial Intelligence


We support anti-money laundering data analysis and investigations to identify suspicious transactions and sanctions breaches. We are skilled in processing large volumes of data on proprietary and secure platforms which meet the highest security and evidential standards and conform to specific country data protection requirements.

Integrity Due Diligence


Corporate Entity – We offer a cost-effective solution for conducting risk assessments and enhanced due diligence on third/counter parties globally. We uncover corporate networks and beneficial ownership, litigation history, exposure to Politically Exposed Persons and sanctioned individuals/entities, money laundering/terrorist finance risks, conflicts of interest, reputation issues, and other risk factors.

Individual – We deliver deep insight into a Subject’s identity, reputation and influence, corporate interests, track record, conflicting allegiances, bribery and corruption history, political exposure, litigation history, criminal association, and other relevant criteria. Where clients are considering executive recruitment candidates for business-critical positions, we also offer behavior analysis and personality assessments, providing unrivalled support to decision making.

Security & Risk Management


We provide comprehensive security system reviews across people, processes and technology. Importantly, this includes addressing threats and risks relating to both technical and human infrastructure, particularly where confidential information and trade secrets are targeted by sophisticated threat actors.

Training & Consulting


We provide specialist training in a number of areas, including corporate security awareness, investigations (including internal/workplace investigations) and Internet Intelligence and Investigation (III/OSINT). Our training clients include: multinational corporations; domestic and overseas law enforcement and other government agencies; and third-sector/NGOs.

We also provide intelligence and investigation consultancy services to both private and government organisations. This includes: strategy consulting; operating model design; and external efficiency and effectiveness reviews.

Finally, we maintain a diverse network of current and former senior leaders from both the public and private sectors. We regularly call upon these individuals to provide advice or to facilitate our access to influential stakeholders and decision makers. Our network is also comprised of technical experts who are deep specialists in their particular area of expertise, be it politics and international affairs, national security and defence, finance and legal, or science and technology.

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